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The First Real Alternative

Alternative Investments require customised models for valuation, structuring, tax, waterfall and promote calculations. To date, these high added-value tasks are performed through spreadsheets for the multi-trillion-dollar Alternative Investment industry.

has been designed to provide portfolio management teams with the most flexible yet secure platform for portfolio modeling and decision-making. You no longer have to choose between flexibility and data security.

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Absolute flexibility: 

  • Handle any data, asset, model or investment structure for alternatives – (Private Equity, Real Estate, Debt, Infrastructure, Fund of Funds, …).
  • Intuitive modelling tools with full transparency of underlying calculations and data. Investment teams can define, model and calculate different IFRS/Gaap, multi-currency cash flows, KPI’s and waterfall distributions for any structure and at any entity level. 
  • Pre-built models and report templates are ready to be used or tailored for any scenario testing.
  • Centralized data sets and models facilitates collaboration amongst teams.
  • Cutting edge calculation engine realised after many years of R&D, allowing for superior performance and scalability.

Accountability, Auditability & Scalability:

  • Any data element can be tracked back to its origin, providing full transparency of data quality. 
  • Corporately supported application for financial modelling, rather than individual unaudited spreadsheets. 
  • Allows for exceptions and specific calculations, while tracking changes and user modifications over time.
  • Aggregate and consolidate data from disparate sources providing single on-demand access for business teams.
  • Manage data access, rights and permissions across your organization.

Choosing GlobalAsset is driven by:

  • Investors - GlobalAsset will provide reassurance when raising capital and reporting to investors, knowing that you have the right system and best practices in place to meet any audit or due diligence questions.
  • Front Office who need flexible tools to visualise, model & analyse the growing realms of data, as the portfolios evolve, for forecasting and faster decision making.
  • Operations - Offers “one version of the truth”, i.e. a unified and consistent platform in terms of use of data, calculations, models and workflows between all teams, defining how a business is run. Offers a fully auditable environment and transparency of calculation rules and changes.

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