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Taliance/RealFoundations white paper sheds light on new regulatory environment

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Taliance is proud to announce the release of its new White Paper, a cutting edge document designed to help industry professionals gain a better understanding of the new regulations facing the real estate investment sector.

Regulations such as AIFMD, Solvency II, Basel III and AMIR are all having, or are due to have, a significant impact on the real estate investment industry, and they will continue to do so as different aspects of each new regulation are enforced, altered or clarified in years to come.
The new Taliance White Paper, produced in collaboration with RealFoundations, the global management consultancy, examines each of these new regulatory measures, and suggests a range of methods and strategies businesses can adopt to thrive in the challenging new environment they are creating.
White paper: Managing risksThe White Paper’s ‘Overview of Regulations’ section sets out in detail – and plain language – what each regulation is, why it has been developed and what, in theory, it is intended to do.
What each of the regulations is likely to do to the real estate investment industry in practice is then dealt with in a comprehensive ‘Impact Analysis’ chapter.
The White Paper concludes with several articles suggesting ways fund managers can adapt their business processes and working methods to excel in the new regulatory landscape, while remaining standards compliant and maintaining and improving the service they offer to stakeholders and investors.
Guillaume Fiastre, Taliance founder and CEO.“The sheer number of new regulations impacting the real estate investment industry can be bewildering, and fund managers can lose sight of what they need to do to remain compliant,” said Guillaume Fiastre, Taliance founder and CEO.
“Our White Paper not only gives them the in-depth information they need to understand what is happening, it also provides advice on what they need to do to comply with new regulations and survive and prosper in future.”

The Taliance/RealFoundations White Paper can be downloaded here

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